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Having a qualified person check your skin yearly is an excellent way to maintain optimal health. At Skinwerx MedSpa, we’re committed to delivering exceptional care to help keep you and your skin healthy.

Skin Exams Skinwerx Arlington Texas

Importance Of Skin Checks

Regular skin exams are essential for healthy skin. They’re also your best line of defense against skin cancer. Skin checks can identify issues early and prevent more severe health problems from developing. We’ll check your skin for any suspicious spots.

Cyst and Lesion Removal

We remove cysts and lesions, including benign and cancerous lesions. Our qualified professionals are trained to identify and treat different types of skin cysts and lesions safely. We’ll assess the severity of the cyst or lesion and recommend the best course of action.

Ear Piercing and Earlobe Correction

We also offer ear piercing and earlobe correction services. Our team uses sterile techniques to minimize the risk of infection during ear piercing procedures. If you have an earlobe deformity or damage, we offer procedures to help restore your ear’s appearance.

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